6 Fun and Creative Uses for the Most Popular Blue Lollies

We all enjoy treating ourselves to some lolly every now and then but there are plenty of more fun and creative ways to enjoy the colourful candy than simply eating it as a sweet treat. These ideas will work with most types of candy and chocolate regardless of your favourite variety or colour but blue lollies will work particularly well. Have a read through these ideas and maybe you will be inspired to come up with your own fun and creative ways to use your favourite candy and both children and adults are sure to love it.

1. Decadent chocolaty sauce

Melt down your favourite chocolate bar or even a selection of the lolly you have lying around the house. You will be surprised about just how well the combination of chocolate, nuts, fruit and sugary goodness all works together and the rich and luxurious sauce that you left with is bound to be mouth watering. Use your warm melted sauce to cover ice cream, cake or even make a fruit salad wonderfully delicious and naughty.

2. Create a Smurf themed cake extravaganza

There is no better use of blue lollies in the world than as accessories to create a magical and creative Smurf cake. Combine blue icing with your favourite blue lollies to build up the characters and to decorate the cake.

3. Crunchy chocolate brownies

Mix your favourite crunchy lollies into some brownie batter to create a wonderful texture to your brownies that the whole family will find divine. If you don’t want to over indulge bake for the school cake sale or give it to friends or relatives as a gift.

4. Adult peppermint hot chocolate

Make your own wonderfully minty and alcoholic hot chocolates using peppermint candy canes. Infusing vodka with candy canes couldn’t be simpler and they are the only two ingredients that are required. Break up the candy canes and put them in a jar. Pour your vodka over the top and leave it for around 24 hours shaking occasionally to combine. Add a shot of this delicious minty vodka to your hot chocolate for a wonderful kick. If you would prefer a non-alcoholic version try using your candy canes as a straw to suck up your hot chocolate.

5. Lolly pie puffs

Wrap your favourites lolly and chocolate in pie pastry and bake your parcels in the oven. You will be left with a wonderfully indulgent hot crispy crust with a soft melted centre.

6. Layered lolly pancakes

After layered lolly pancake breakfast your children are sure to love you forever. It definitely is a sweet treat that you won’t want to give them too often but fortunately its very simple to make. All you need is a few pancakes and a selection of lolly. As the name suggests, just begin with one pancake and then create a lolly layer and top with another pancake and repeat.

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