Why wine?

  1. It smells divine
  2. It tastes even better…well, most of the time.
  3. It appeals to my intellectual curiosity. As I once told someone, I find it the most wonderful collaboration between man and nature. Beyond the new vintages every year, which bring new tastes from the same wines, there are boundless varietals (over 1,000 in Italy alone) and styles to explore.
  4. It is communal and best enjoyed in the company of loved ones.

What I like:

All of it. From the simplest Vinho Verde to the most expensive wines (which aren’t always the best), there has yet to be a wine category that has completely frustrated me. I hear folks say they don’t like this or that, but I figure they’ve given up too early. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the journey, worry not about the destination.


I’ll take all of them for $1000 Alex.

This site:

I’ve talked about doing this for a while and finally did it. I’ll be doing wine reviews, articles that you or may not learn from, restaurant reviews and anything else related to wine, food and other beverages. If I find a tea that I really like (and I do love good iced tea), I’ll write about it. Of course, wine is obviously the focus, but I’ve typically found that “wineauxs” tend to be foodies and are interested in anything related. I’m sure things will change as this process evolves…I’m just here to enjoy myself and if you do to, that is sauce for the meal.


Points are for school. Yes, I read the major wine review publications. Yes, I see the scores. Yes, I understand how it works…I was in retail and know more about it than the typical consumer. I just find it a bit off to relegate something as fun, delicious and even romantic as wine to a mere score. If you want points, there are plenty of places to get those. I even hear you can buy them…okay, just kidding…or am I?

I rate wines for how good they taste, how well they went with the food and in an overall context, which means I take into account price, quality and my personal preference. I’ll generally say if I don’t like something, but think it is still well made. This makes giving it my final word a bit challenging and I’m sure this will evolve with time. For now, I rate wines as:

  • Not my fave: I generally won’t even review something like this, but if I receive a free sample and think strongly enough, I will write a not so favorable review.
  • Average: Nothing special about this wine. Wine quality has really gotten quite high across the board, so wines like this are just so so. They don’t please, but don’t dis-please either. Wines like this aren’t going to be bought again.
  • Good: Slightly above average, but perhaps not my particular cup of tea. A wine I think others will enjoy, but I’m not sure if I’d buy it again or not. Usually will garner extra points for being a particularly good value.
  • Above average: Where most of my reviews fall. I’m very selective, have a lot of tasting background and am pretty picky when it comes to wine purchases. I generally rely on my own tastes, that of a couple of wine buyers here in the Atlanta area or may read something from another blogger.
  • Outstanding: I won’t give this often, because a wine really has to stand out to garner this sort of accolade from me. I know, I’m probably just being stingy, but I do try to be consistent.
  • Classsic: You may never see this score, unless it is something special that has been aging in my cellar. I think wines like this are really quite rare and deserve special attention, plus special appreciation for the fact I was blessed to be able to partake of such a treasure.

Ahhh…wine…the greatest collaboration of man and Nature


To be updated…some day…if you are curious, you know how to reach me.

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