Five Reasons Why Steak is a Well-Loved American Food

Even in this day and age when more and more people are becoming increasingly conscious about their health and food sources, there is no doubt that nothing beats a good piece of steak. Meat is a large part of the American diet. In 2016, Americans ate an average of 55.6 pounds of beef. The Department of Agriculture is seeing a real rise in the demand for beef. The demand for meat is growing in spite of vegetarian and vegan food movements aggressively spreading throughout the country.

Food is a universal language that brings people from different cultures together. No matter where you come from, a good piece of steak will appeal to you because of the following reasons.

A well-marbled steak is rich in flavor

Kosher restaurants in New York serve some of the best steaks sourced from certified kosher suppliers within the city. These establishments choose meat with the perfect fat marbling for optimum flavor. Fat gives meat moisture, and the best steaks aren’t only soft, but must not dry out after cooking.

Steak has a unique aroma

You know the smell of a good steak all too well. Before you cut into a juicy piece of steak, you use your sense of smell to enjoy the rich aroma of meat straight out of the grill. Nothing compares to this experience which only adds to the enjoyment of eating steak.

The texture of the meat

Dry-aged beef cooked perfectly has a melt in your mouth texture sought after by steak lovers. Dry aging beef breaks down the protein in the meat making it softer and intensifies the flavor. If you have not yet tried a dry-aged steak, it’s about time to step-up your dining experience and try steak dry-aged and grilled to perfection. A complete mouthful of steak creates a sensation which combines juiciness, flavor, and chewiness which is incomparable to any other food.

The taste of umami

Beef is a natural source of glutamate which is responsible for creating the “umami” flavor. This flavor is what makes beef taste so good. Since humans developed a taste for meat over thousands of years, there is no wonder that steak will continue to be a staple in the diet of many people.

Will steak stand the test of time and transcend food trends?

As mentioned earlier, there is a growing food trend where more people are shying away from eating meat to shun inhumane practices. Nevertheless, steak is a quintessentially American food and is already part of the country’s culture.

If you want to eat meat but would like to look for sustainable sources, you can choose suppliers that only get their meat from small farms that raise their cows on natural food free from antibiotics and steroids. You can also find these suppliers selling sustainable beef in farmer’s markets.

A steak will continue to be a favorite of many people. Food trends will come and go, but certain foods are already a part of the lifestyle, culture, and traditions of many communities.


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