Food Tripping in New York: 5 Foods You Have to Try Out

The Big Apple is not just home to a wide variety of cultures and identities; it’s also the gathering place of a wide diversity of culinary genius. As a hodgepodge of mixed cultures, New York serves a wide variety of dishes and meats from pizza to hotdogs. If you’re not such a fan of pork, you can opt for food outlets that serve pork-free meals that deliver the best of what the rest of the lean meats have to offer, like those served in kosher restaurants in NYC. Since New York is home to myriad dishes from oven-baked lasagna to street-made hotdogs, here are fivemeals you have to grab a bite of while you’re in New York.


With some of the leading fast food chain franchises based in America, you can bet your money that New York’s local burger joints could teach these franchises a thing or two about what it means to cook a mean burger. With so many burger oulets from which locals and tourists alike can dine at or take out, if you’re looking for a great burger, NYC will not disappoint.


If you thought there would only be western food on this list, then you’d be wrong. New York is much like a microcosm of America, a busy, bustling lump of land inhabited by different people from different cultures. What makes New York so great is that it has a near limitless palate for its inhabitants. Don’t confuse ramen with your typical convenience store packed noodles. Establishments that serve traditional noodles pack a great taste for connoisseurs of Ramen.


You can eat it inside or take it to go. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, or at the dead of night. No, it’s not the fast food chain criteria of pizza. In New York City, you shouldn’t even think about going to a food court for pizza when you can have a wood-fired pizza straight from Brooklyn or Manhatten. Allegedly having the best pizza in the country, eating at a Brooklyn pizzeria is a one of a kind experience.


A breakfast staple and a formidable boost in calories to start you up with your day is bagels. If you want to change your view of reality on the stone-hard bagels that they hand out in airplane trips, grabbing a bite of local New York bagels are sure to give you a wake-up call on what a ‘bagel’ truly is. Authentic bagels bought at a New York City food outlet are – well – out of this world.

Anything goes

If you’re looking to have a bite to eat, all you have to do is look around the corner. The beautiful thing about New York is that it’s not just home to restaurants and bustling franchises, it’s also the playground of roaming nomads known as food trucks which can surprise you around almost every corner. If you want something filling, wholesome, out of this world tasty and oozing with New York nomad street style food should be right up your alley – or is that sterrt?,


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