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Champagne Zarb is one of the more interesting discoveries of 2010.

First of all, this wine was delivered to me as aFREE SAMPLE without my foreknowledge of its arrival. I’m not really sure how it came to be in my possession, but I’m glad it did.

If you google Champagne Zarb, make sure to check out the images option. You’ll see a variety of artsy and “different” labels. Honestly, this is quite smart from a business point of view. With the correct support at retail, coupled with a good price ($29.99 or less), this could turn into a solid offering for those who buy their wine by the label. While I’m not one to ever support buying winestrictly by the label, you’d probably be surprised how often consumers are swayed by something that has so little to do with the actual pleasure of the product within. The old adage of never judge a book by its cover may still exist, but businesses across the world understand the importance of packaging. The whole issue of packaging would make a rocking debate, but one I care not to weigh in on at this point in the space time continuum.

As for the wine, it was consumed with a mild preparation of red beans and rice, served along a kissed-by-a-whisper-of-sweetness yellow cornbread. It was a shark skin pairing. Follow one grain, the red beans-n-rice, and you have an appetizing combination. The mild spices and brown warmth of the dish was set off well by the icy lemon zested pear flavors in the wine. But rub your tongue in the opposite direction, the cornbread, and you had a hollowing out of the wine, leaving behind a wreck of acidic bitterness. It was a great demonstration in how wine and food can both elevate and destroy one another.

Overall, the wine would be a BUY, but I’d not go above $40 for this wine. This is well suited for starting off festivities or with light appetizers and would work really well by itself on a hot summer’s eve, as it was easy to drink and really quite refreshing. With air and a rise in temperature, it did begin to exhibit a touch more leesy character, but retained the light weight frame. For some reason, Wes Welker comes to mind.

The packaging, whether you like it or not, also makes for an interesting gift, especially the skin collection. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the Zarb website and browse the bottle gallery.

I couldn’t find a lot out about the wine, but did find one other review for your perusal.

Until next time…live well…love much…share great wine…

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