Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party? Here’s a List of Brilliant Ideas for Party Food

If your kid’s birthday is coming up and you want to make it a special one for your little one, then you know very well that the activities and the theme matter. You have to entertain a bunch of kids, after all, and we all know that kids’ attention spans can be quite short. But apart from making sure that you have all the right activities for your kid’s birthday party, there’s one thing you shouldn’t neglect, either – and this is something that can genuinely make a difference: the party food. Of course, you can always just serve vegetable sticks and dips – but this is almost certainly a guarantee that you’ll end up eating soggy carrot sticks for more than a few days. If you want to serve something original for the kids – whether it’s a sit-down meal or some finger food – here’s a list of brilliant ideas for party food which everyone will love.


Fruit and vegetables on a stick


The idea of the fondue sounds appetising for a lot of adults, but if you want the kid’s version, here’s something quite original: fruit and vegetables on a stick or skewer. You can simply choose some fruits and vegetables in season, such as strawberries, mandarins, grapes, melons, and so on, and place them on skewers along with some vegetables you know kids will be happy to eat, such as the ubiquitous carrots and celery cubes. To make it more interesting, serve a couple of dips with it, whether it’s a sweet dip like a homemade chocolate sauce or a savoury dip like a cheese dip.




Hot dogs with veggies

Here’s another way to get the kids to eat something with vegetables: hot dogs with veggies. Needless to say, all children love hot dogs, and no one can refuse a hot dog on a bun, but with a twist. You can even make the event more fun by grilling hot dogs outdoors and having everyone participate in an outdoor barbecue. But the vegetables can certainly add to the ‘healthy’ aspect of your kid’s birthday party food; have the kids choose from a vegetable ‘side’ spread that includes carrots and celery, pickles, olives, and the like.




Without a doubt, there is no kid who doesn’t like milkshakes. Instead of serving soda at your kid’s birthday party, why not serve milkshakes instead? And don’t limit the milkshake menu to just strawberries – you can add variety and a lot more choices by giving the kids a choice between vanilla and chocolate, other fruits such as bananas, and so on. Get your blender ready and grab a tub or two of vanilla or chocolate ice cream from the shop and let the kids go wild with their flavour choices. The best thing is, they can always mix and match. You can also make the party more fun by providing some delightful add-ons, such as rainbow sprinkles, crushed biscuits, candies, and chopped nuts or fresh fruit.


Make your own chocolate macarons or biscuits


If you want to add an extra ‘wow’ factor to your kid’s event, you can also have the kids bake their own chocolate macarons or biscuits, or melt some chocolate and pour them into moulds such as the ones from MoldyFun to snack on later. You’re essentially killing two birds with one stone because you’re not only giving the kids treats to eat, you’re also adding to the list of activities which can make your kid’s birthday party stand out.


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