Running out of wine budget?

Wine expert Chris Murphy counted the ways for you

Whether you are preparing a sumptuous dish for a luxurious dinner or just simply trying to cook a new dish, the best way to serve it to your family is to dish it out with a bottle of wine. Just like how wine connoisseur Oz Clark puts it, “if you have nice food and a nice wine, you’ll probably have a nice meal, and preferably at least one nice friend.”

But whenever we think about wines, we tend to be stirred by the thought that wines are usually expensive. But according to wine experts, there are several wines on the market which are priced right and wouldn’t go as far as bankrupting you. In fact, if you’re thinking of making your usual dish extra special, M&S Wine expert Chris Murphy has interesting affordable wines and wine pairing points to share.


Pushing the Boundaries Just A Bit

“It strikes me that when ‘eating out at home’, carefully choosing the wine and pushing the boundaries a little – both in terms of comfort zone and in price – can make a significant difference to the experience. It can turn a very nice meal into a special event,” explained 38-year Marks and Spencer wine expert Chris Murphy. According to Murphy, spending a little more than your usual budget on wines can do wonders to your evening home cooking. Having an open mind in trying out red wines from different regions or vineyard will give you an idea of its origin, and you would able to recognize its specific crisp taste.

… And Certainly Is Not About Paying More Money

While trying out different variants seems to be a bit of a luxurious pursuit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shell out tons of cash in order to find the best wine to pair with your dish. “It’s certainly not about paying more money, it’s about a tangible difference in quality and discovering something new,” he added. To learn a few of his great wine selection, some of them are provided below:

For Chardonnay Fans

Macon Uchizy 2011

This well-balanced white Burgundy consists of tangy flavors of lemons and oranges. It is made of 100 percent hand-picked grapes from Uchizy, a village in the Maconnais region in France. Macon Uchizy is a perfect example of an unoaked dry white Burgundy.

For Classic Red Claret Lovers

Chateau de Saye 2009

Chateau de Saye is a balanced and rich Bordeaux wine that can stabilize different kinds of taste of foods paired. Winemaker Alain Laubie made this popular as it is made from 30-year old vines which are located near St Ciers d’Abzac, just north of Libourne.

For Dessert Wine Aficionados

Hermits Hill Botrytis Semillon 2008

“This Australian pudding wine strikes the balance perfectly, bringing any meal to a delicious honeyed conclusion.” Giles Kime from Sunday Telegraph recommended. This excellent Australian sweet wine is produced by the famous De Bortoli winery, using nothing but 100% Semillon grapes which are grown in New South Wales.

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