The Three Best Boroughs to Go to When You’re Looking for Some Great Eats

Living in the Big Apple for a while? You’ve definitely hit the jackpot because it’s one of the best places in the world where you can get some tasty grub. As you know, the city is divided into five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. These boroughs are home to hundreds of distinct neighborhoods, each with its unique history and character that they can call their own. But, the greatest thing about these places is that they all have a wonderful food scene. You can definitely satisfy every craving you have when you roam around the city.

Here are the best three boroughs to visit if you are looking for great food:


Manhattan is the most famous borough out of the five. It’s so iconic that it’s the symbol of NYC. Although it’s the smallest, it’s the most populated one. The borough is known for being the cultural, media, entertainment and financial center of New York. And, it’s where most of the prominent landmarks and skyscrapers are. But, you won’t only go here for the Manhattan skyline, Times Square or Central Park, you’ll also visit this place for its food.

Manhattan is subdivided into three regions: Lower, Midtown and Uptown. In these areas, you will find every type of cuisine you can imagine. If you are craving some Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or even Mexican culinary delicacies, you can hit up the streets of Manhattan to get some great finds especially when you are in Uptown Manhattan. This locale is divided by Central Park, so you get the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side. In these places, every street is dotted with restaurants, bars, pubs, and bistros. You can taste the flavors of the world when you go to this area. If you are looking for the best American steakhouses, Korean BBQ pubs, or kosher restaurants in NYC, you need to go here.


Brooklyn is most famous for having an independent art scene where budding artists gather and display their masterpieces. It is also known for its distinct neighborhoods that thrive on postmodern art and design. It’s because Brooklyn has a beautiful and incredible architectural heritage. Downtown Brooklyn, most especially, is known to be the core neighborhood in this borough. Here, they celebrate the food. They are famous for their Brooklyn-style pizzerias, Mediterranean Grills, Italian bistros and deli shops.


Queens is the largest borough with the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. Downtown Flushing is the most distinctive and central neighborhood they have. Because, down there, everyone flocks over and falls in line to eat. It’s one of the most popular food destinations. Flushing Queens has the absolute best restaurants and food stalls to visit when you want to eat delicious but affordable food; this is the best place to go. It is home to the best Chinese food spreads in the city.

These are the best boroughs you should frequent if you need to get some tasty grub. You can never go wrong when you hunt for a great place to dine in these areas.



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