Wines for Christmas Eve

The gastronomy of the Christian tradition invites the selection of the best white wines, which achieves the pairings natural harmony with the times.

The consumption of white wine world can join in harmony to the respectable tradition of Holy Week, moderation should be the guide while achieving the perfect pairing with the food proper to the occasion. The Christian mourning opens up possibilities for exploring wineries of the world where drinking takes on the peculiar and distinctive beautiful shades, while trends refer to taste traditional food.

The white wines are made from white or red grapes whose pulp is colorless, non-macerating in the solid parts of the cluster. Freshness and acidity are two unique characteristics, so are ideal to accompany seafood and varieties of fish and shellfish own Lent. The wine scholars have defined five white families where the dry and sweet show their attractive variations.

Semisweet or sweet white wine

The grapes of this family of wines are characterized by its richness in natural sugars, quality can be achieved with over-ripening of the grapes, a process that loses some of its water and produces a juice concentrate is also achieved by placing a Berry microorganism known as noble rot. These wines are known for their sweet taste quite dominant, the body is soft, the acidity is balanced and persistent aromas dominate the fruit and honey.

The marriage of sweet white according to Easter perfection is achieved with high-fat dishes, especially birds such as creamed chicken and duck in orange, blue-veined cheeses such as Roquefort cheese and desserts the yellow fruit tarts. Are best appreciated after three years to five in the bottle. The right temperature to serve should be between eight and ten degrees Celsius.


The perfect marriage of whites dry, fruity and smooth in Lent should procure raw and cooked seafood, pasta with seafood, fish mousse, raw or grilled fish, sausages and pâtés and goat cheeses dry. We recommend opening the bottle up to three years and enjoy its fresh scent to eight or ten degrees. Now a day’s people use wine delivery service of their special occasion. Here in Australia you can get your desired wine at your home on your special occasion with such alcohol delivery in Australia services.


Dry white wines and light

The main feature is the freshness with complex aromas of fruit and flowers. Their most universal quality strains are aligoté, Chasselas, Chardonnay, grosplant, jacquére, melon de Bourgogne, Pinot blanc, sauvignon and Sylvaner. Among the names are: Bourgogone Alicoté, Cheverny, Crépy, Entre-Deux-Mers, Villages, Muscadet, Petit Chablis, Pinot Blanc and Mirassou.

The family of wines is strongly related to exquisite cuisine Holy Week and Easter, whose characteristics are simplicity of flavors in seafood such as oysters, raw and cooked vegetables, snails, frogs, fish terrines and broiled or fried the goat cheese sausages. Youth are defined, so should be eaten within two years, always fresh to eight degrees Celsius.

And aromatic dry white wines

Distinguishes the lush aromas are considered typical wines with very characteristic scents, which can identify the strain with the simple smell. His notes refer to exotic fruits, peaches or apricots, bouquets of smoked, spices, honey, besides those on wheat, dried fruit and nuts; stand Gewurztraminer grapes, loukoum, muscat, pinot gris, riesling, and palomino Savagnin , among others.

The most recommended names are: Gewurztraminer, Chateau-Chalon, Condrieu, Chateau-Grillet, Muscat, Riesling and Fino. The charming pairing recommended for the religious tradition is achieved with the aromatic kitchen, where the curry and herbs are remarkable, also with seafood, chicken in cream sauce with mushrooms, American lobster, salmon with dill and smoked fish. In the youth of its texture is the best time to enjoy them, always ten to twelve degrees.

Dry wines and classy broad

They are distinguished from other families to be more rich in the fat, creating a sense of volume in the mouth, also offer a special acidity that makes them refreshing, its end is very long and persistent call them as allowing wine classy. It is often raised in barrels, so the notes include woods and even flashes of vanilla-flavored cream, also feels the essence of ripe fruits, herbs and white flowers.

The principal strains are the noble Chardonnay, Chenin, Marsanne, Riesling, Roussanne, Sauvignon and Semillon, which also come from better positioning denominations, including Chablis Premier Grand Cru, Montrachet, the Loire Valley, Castile, Leon, as well as Casablanca in Chile, among other selected large white wines and classy.

The perfect pairing of wine with the typical food of Easter

Easter foods that are coordinated with the wonderful flavors wines are the sole, scallops, lobster, white meat with mushrooms in cream and cream cheese type saintfelicien and some goats. The ideal is achieved enjoy twelve degrees Celsius. In Australia you can order your food online at from variety of restaurants in your area. Ordering on Eat Now is very easy and provides you with full menus from different cuisines.

The wonderful world of wine every day improving their ability to enrapture the world’s most demanding palates, whites occupy the position of distinction, elegance and prestige that go with the significant moments of humanity, Lent and Easter is a beautiful example, where the culinary magic can always be accompanied by the great drink precedent of white grapes are grown between beautiful landscapes around the world.

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